The story

Laurence, founder of The Gems Room

Create your bespoke jewellery for your everyday precious moments.

I am a gemologist and I’m passionate about the inherent beauty of gemstones.

After having graduated from HEC-University of Liège in 2013 and from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) as gemologist in 2015, I started to work as an Instructor for HRD Antwerp, Europe's leading authority in diamond certification. 

Teaching has been an incredibly enriching part of my gems journey. I had the chance to meet passionate people, who were willing to learn but also to share their experiences. In 2017, I moved in the HRD Antwerp Marketing & Communication Department. This period also corresponds to the launch of The Gems Room.

TGR has one main purpose: putting the emphasize on the natural beauty of gemstones in each design. The gem families are incredibly wide, which gives us endless possibilities of jewellery compositions.

We also offer a Bespoke Jewellery Service as it is a concept in which I truly believe. We all have different personalities and should wear jewellery which make us unique and confident. Share your ideas and I will do my best to meet your creative expectations while matching your budget.


Once your gemstone is selected by our professional gemologist, it is sent to our manufacturer and calibrated into a computer-aided drawing (CAD).

This drawing is then sent to a 3-D printer to be printed in wax, a process that takes approximately 5-8 hours per ring.

What comes out of the printer is a wax mold, used to cast your jewellery in solid 18kt gold.  After casting, your jewellery is polished and cleaned and is then sent to our gemstone setter who carefully set your stones under a microscope.

After a final step of polishing, your finished bespoke jewellery leaves Antwerp, and begins its journey to you.

  • Quality made in Antwerp

    By having a great relationship with our highly skilled manufacturers, goldsmiths, and setters from Antwerp, we maintain control over quality standards. All our stones are analyzed and selected ethically and our jewellery pieces are carefully handcrafted in local ateliers.
  • Simplicity

    Because we believe that less is more, we design elegant jewellery pieces for everyday wear. Regardless of the occasion or time, we want you to feel confident and proud when wearing your TGR jewels.
  • Transparency

    We are glad to take you through the fabulous journey of your jewelry creation. We share with you the different design and manufacturing processes. We only use high quality materials and oversee directly the different steps to make sure it’s in compliance with our standards.